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Bridge Weaver & Little Wizdoms

Nika Rejto and Alfredo Moran

Spain, 2014

Enjoy. Relax, Explore!

-Two Lips

One Flutist,

​Nika Rejto

and thank you for your conitnued support and generosity!

Nika Rejto, flutist, is a musical visionary of her time; a master performer versed in practically all styles of music. Her own compositions bring audiences to their feet!​     "Nika’s improvisation is beautiful, imaginative, & swinging…anything but predictable!   What we are really hearing out in the seats is how much she means every note of it.     We get personally involved in her effort; it is as if we are making the journey with her!." Robert Tate                                                           


“Your playing is wonderful!!!!”            Nika Rejto brought the house down!
  ---Hubert Laws                                                             --- Downbeat Magazine

“If you don’t MELT to this one you need to kick-start your soul.”
--- JAZZ NOW, Lawrence Brazier

“This is another one of those GEMS that pops up in the
review pile every so often.  This is a keeper.”

--- jazzusa, S.H. Watkins, Sr.

“Anyone hearing Nika play is simply knocked out immediately by her remarkably gorgeous tone - SOMETHING FROM THE ANGELS!”
--- Dr. Herb Wong

Flutist Nika Rejto soars on this new addition...Compared to the great James Moody, Nika once again teases our souls and delights our ears with Such Pristine Flute Playing it is hard to imagine that she is not touring the world. 
--- All About Jazz, Midnite Kiss

Rejto’s flute tone goes straight to your soul.

She’s one of our great contemporary flutists.”
--- NPR Jazz, Reese Erlich

“She had an audience of over 2,000 in her hand—It was very obvious we had a major musician on stage.” 
--- ​Dr. Herb Wong