Two lips, one flutist ...


1 - Segovia Double Bass Intro

2 - Llibertango, Piazzolla 

[flute enters @ 3 min mark]

Nika Rejto, flute

Debbie Murray, piano, Adam Noel, bass

Cous Cous, by Nika Rejto, on Naked Emotions

A Child is Born, on Liquid Love cd

Yoshi's, Oakland 

Nika's tune, "Crystal Door "

Alfredo Moran, guitar

Asturias, Spain 2014

Nika sings, Moons of Mars

from LIttle Wizdoms

Nika's tune, "Hobo" from Little Wizdoms

Amsterdam, Dwight Stone, Nika Rejto

Maestro Rick Vandivier, guitar with Nika Rejto, 10-10-10, SF Flute Festival